King Robear's art masks are eminently wearable and virtually indestructible, being made of a hand-formed thermoplastic material. Each are lovingly handcrafted and some incorporate LED-lit gems, hand-blown glass, crystals and other semi-precious stones, creating a truly magical effect. No two are ever alike and they look as good as a wall sculpture as they do complementing your fabulous outfit at a masquerade.

As a designer / maker of costumes and renaissance period apparel, I have been making masks for many decades, using the usual stuff: plaster, leather, paper maché and the like. Some 10 years ago I discovered a new thermoplastic material, Wonderflex©, that is not messy like plaster and paper maché, and that allows me to create masks that are lightweight, flexible, resistant to moisture, mildew or excessive dryness, and that won't chip, crack or break if accidentally dropped to the floor.

The only caveat is that, being made of a thermoplastic material, the masks are sensitive to excessive heat. Therefore it not recommended to display them near a source of heat (such as above a fireplace or heater), or, Goddess forbids, leave them in a hot car in the sun!

All my masks are made by hand, so even though I use patterns that I have designed to cut the material, no two masks are ever identical. I do not use molds to shape the masks, just a generic one-size-fits-most face form over which I drape and sculpt the material. All masks are lined with soft acrylic felt on the inside and are very comfortable to wear. No animal by-products are used, making the masks vegan-friendly.

I now use SquareUp for my online transactions. It works like Paypal, only better! You can use your SquareUp account if you have one, or simply use your credit or debit card. It is fast and secure. Should you experience any difficulty completing your purchase, please contact me directly to arrange for alternative payment method. I ship to Continental USA and to Canada ONLY.

Custom Work

You have a special costume you are creating and would like a spectacular one-of-a-kind mask to complete it, or perhaps you are a thespian who appreciates the comfort of a custom-fitted mask to be worn day after day in performance? I can design and create that special mask for you!

Custom-fitted masks, made from a life-cast of your face, are the ultimate in comfort -- no pressure points, feels like a second skin -- that you can wear all day on stage or at your favorite festival or event.

Or are you thinking of mythical beasts, unicorns or dragons, and want to commission a mask that will let you become that creature?

I can do that!

My fee to make a life-cast and a face-form (at my studio in Ojai, California) starts at $150., in addition to the price of the mask itself (you get to keep the cast afterwards). From this cast I make a face-form that will be only for you, and on which I will shape the mask, achieving a perfect fit. Reasonable travel expenses are added if I need to come to you. Or you can have your own cast made and send it to me.

If you are a director, stage or costume designer, I can help you outfit your theatrical or cinematographic production with lightweight, resilient, long-lasting masks and props. Please inquire about large orders.

Please contact me with your idea or project, and I'll be delighted to discuss it with you and help you achieve it.

My studio is located in the Upper Ojai Valley, near Ventura and Santa Paula in Southern California. You can reach me HERE.

Thank You for Visiting!