Typically, it starts with you deciding on a style of garment and contacting me. Once we've agreed on the options and a price, a 50% deposit gets the ball rolling.

When tailoring for out-of-state clients who cannot come to be fitted at my studio in Ojai, I send a 'measuring kit' consisting of a body chart and measuring tape, followed by instructions by email.

Meanwhile, I will research and purchase the fabric, trim, buttons etc. Sometimes I'll prepare a photoshop mock-up of the final garment to show you how it will look (see photo below).

A few quick photos – front, side, back – also help in determining the physicality of the customer (see photos below). From these measurements I draw a pattern and make a "dummy" garment out of canvas or other inexpensive fabric, such as the one on the picture on the right, which I send by mail for you to try on. More photos are then taken and from these and your comments I make any necessary adjustments to the pattern for a perfect fit.
Considering all this back & forth, completion time from the order date to shipping date is about 6 to 8 weeks, longer for more elaborate projects. I have made outfits for gentlemen as far away as England, Denmark, Australia and even Florida! They all are very happy with the fit and tailoring of their doublets.

All my garments – every single stitch of them – are entirely made by me. When I am swamped with orders, completion time can take a little longer, depending on where a specific order falls in the queue. So, if you have a specific event, such as a wedding or renaissance faire at which you want to wear your new outfit or garment, plan well ahead of time to avoid disappointment and/or to spare me the sleepless nights stitching away...

Providing me with photographs such as the ones below is most useful to determine the physicality of the client, in addition to the actual measurements.
So, when you are ready to order your renaissance garment, set your digital camera on a tripod with the self-timer – or hand it over to your significant other – wear a minimum amount of clothes so I can actually see your body shape, and start taking pictures!
Full balance is due at the time of delivery. Actual shipping costs are added to the final invoice. For overseas orders (outside of USA), ALL customs fees and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.
I hope the above will answer most of your questions and provide inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further query or when you are ready to place an order.

Robert Lamarche